Fun Reading Online!


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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.09.31 pmHave a look at this website to read books online.

Mum or Dad will need will need to create an account for free


Capacity in Maths


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Hi everyone,

This week in maths we have been exploring what capacity is. We have been using containers and using different items to see how much the container can hold. We have used lots of different materials in maths and have been using words such as litres (L), mililitres (ml) and cups.

Road Safety


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Road Safety

This morning we had a visitor from RACV named Anne come and talk to us about road safety. We learnt lots of things about how to be safe around roads. Here is some useful information:

You have to be 145cm tall to sit in the front seat and so the seat belt will fit properly. – Larissa

Cross at a pedestrian crossing. – Matthew

When you are going to cross a road you need to listen for any cars. – Sophie

When you are riding your bike, wear a helmet. – Rosie

When there is no pedestrian crossing you have to stop at a place where cars can see you. – Niamh

If there is no pedestrian crossing make sure you don’t cross where there are parked cars or trees. – Annie

Don’t run across the road because otherwise you could trip over and hurt yourself. – James

If it’s a red light you have to stop, if it’s a green light you can go. – Elva

When there’s a car coming you have to make eye contact with the driver. – Siena

Never wear dark clothes when riding a bike or a scooter at night . – Ben

Always hold an adults hand when crossing the road. – Aly

Don’t cross when you see a car coming. – Chantelle

When you get to a pedestrian crossing you have to keep your feet behind the yellow line and wait for the lollypop lady or man  to blow the whistle twice, then you can cross. – Hannah

Don’t sit in the front seat if you are a child because the airbag can hit you in the face and hurt you. – Alexa

You have to be on a booster seat if you are not high enough.

You have to wear your helmet properly when riding a bike, with a two finger gap between your forhead and your eyebrows. – Samuel

LSCWC week 4


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This week we are focusing on words ending with ‘ng’

set 1

bang, sang, king, gang, song, thing, fang, long, ring, going

set 2

thing, swing, nothing, something, making, sting, growing, morning, string, along

set 3

something, making, evening, building, training, including, understanding, beginning, measuring, interesting

LSCWC week 3


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LSCWC words for week 3

set 1

lick, quick, sick, luck, rock, kick, ticket, bucket, smack, back

set 2

chicken, bucket, cricket, ticket, pocket, jacket, quick, smack, whack, frock

God as a Potter


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Today we explored what it is like to be a ‘potter’ as we created images of ourselves using play dough.

We did this to explore how God can be described as a potter, because he created every one of us and even though we may be similar, not one of us looks the same.

Have a look at the photos below at look at how each sculpture is different!

Families Past and Present


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Hi everyone,

This term we are beginning to learn about our families. We are exploring our own families and what our parents families looked like too. So far we have been sharing family photos, and photos of our parents when they were young.
Have you noticed anything different or similar between the photos and our families?
It has been fun so far to learn more about each other’s families and to look at photos. Here is what we have so far on our wall


LSCWC week 2


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Here are your spelling words for week 2

set 1

twig, twist, twins, twirl, tweet, twine, twice, twitch, twenty, twelve

set 2

twinkle, twilight, twelve, twenty, twisted, tweeted, tweezers, twitch, twine, twice


Science Expo!


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Hi everyone,

On the last week of term the Junior classes held an expo where they explored lots of different experiements about science. Some of the things we explored included weather, clouds, water, volcanoes, wind, thunder, tornadoes and lots of things about water. What did you enjoy most about the expo?

It was a day full of science! There are also some pictures from our art lesson where we used frozen ice cubes that were different colours!

It was a great way to show everyone what we had learned about science and changes that occur.

Miss Buerckner

Junior B Mixing Matter


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This week we had a special visitor who’s name is Mei, who taught us some experiments.

We learnt about mixing solids and liquids. Sometimes they can make a gas.

‘I had a bottle of bicarbonate soda and water and I had to mix it up to see if it dissolved. Hannah’

‘ I loved when we made sherbert using bicarb soda, citric acid and icing sugar. Declan’

‘I liked when we had to fill up a bottle with white vinegar. We put a balloon on a funnel and put bicarb soda in, and then tipped the soda into the bottle and the balloon blew up! Matthew”

I loved it when Mei made the tablet in the bottle explode. She put a headache tablet and mixed it with water and something else.’ Ben

Here are some pictures about what we did


Mixing Matter on PhotoPeach

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