LSCWC week 6


Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in Homework | Posted on August 18, 2014

ll words

set 1

all, call, hill, fell, ball, small, will, let, left, tell

set 2

doll, little, yellow, always, luck, people, played, small, playing, smell

set 3

smelliest, allergic, balloon, ballet, allowance, smallest, bellyache, chilli, challenge, billion

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I like how you put the words on the blog why not art topics on the blog?

Good idea, Ben!
We haven’t put any art topics up because we want to keep our art a surprise for the art show!
Once the art show is over, we can start putting lots of our artworks on the blog. 🙂

hi I am Fiona I like your words and your words are cool

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