Road Safety


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Road Safety

This morning we had a visitor from RACV named Anne come and talk to us about road safety. We learnt lots of things about how to be safe around roads. Here is some useful information:

You have to be 145cm tall to sit in the front seat and so the seat belt will fit properly. – Larissa

Cross at a pedestrian crossing. – Matthew

When you are going to cross a road you need to listen for any cars. – Sophie

When you are riding your bike, wear a helmet. – Rosie

When there is no pedestrian crossing you have to stop at a place where cars can see you. – Niamh

If there is no pedestrian crossing make sure you don’t cross where there are parked cars or trees. – Annie

Don’t run across the road because otherwise you could trip over and hurt yourself. – James

If it’s a red light you have to stop, if it’s a green light you can go. – Elva

When there’s a car coming you have to make eye contact with the driver. – Siena

Never wear dark clothes when riding a bike or a scooter at night . – Ben

Always hold an adults hand when crossing the road. – Aly

Don’t cross when you see a car coming. – Chantelle

When you get to a pedestrian crossing you have to keep your feet behind the yellow line and wait for the lollypop lady or man  to blow the whistle twice, then you can cross. – Hannah

Don’t sit in the front seat if you are a child because the airbag can hit you in the face and hurt you. – Alexa

You have to be on a booster seat if you are not high enough.

You have to wear your helmet properly when riding a bike, with a two finger gap between your forhead and your eyebrows. – Samuel

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Hi Junior B
It was exciting to learn about road safety and how to cross the road. I learned how to be safe on the road and I hope you did too

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