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Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in Inquiry | Posted on July 1, 2014

Hi everyone,

On the last week of term the Junior classes held an expo where they explored lots of different experiements about science. Some of the things we explored included weather, clouds, water, volcanoes, wind, thunder, tornadoes and lots of things about water. What did you enjoy most about the expo?

It was a day full of science! There are also some pictures from our art lesson where we used frozen ice cubes that were different colours!

It was a great way to show everyone what we had learned about science and changes that occur.

Miss Buerckner

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Hi Junior B,
We thought your Science Expo looked really interesting. Did you have a favourite experiment? We also did a volcano experiment last term!
From 1/2C

Hi 1/2C
Thank you for the comment.
We all did different experiements and they were really awesome. We think all of the experiments were good.
Do you have a blog that we can look at?
Did you do your volcano experiment as a class?
Have a good day
From Junior B or 1/2B 🙂

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