Responsible Pet Ownership


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Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Melinda and her beautiful dog Kato. Melinda taught us how to be safe around dogs. We learnt to recognise when a dog is scared, angry or happy.

I learnt not to pat a dog on its head. Ebony

Lizards have a type of special cage and they have a light inside because they are cold blooded and need warmth. Ben

Dogs always need their water and food changed. Ava

Every pet should be microchipped because it is the law. Matt

When you see a sign with a dog wearing a yellow and red collar you don’t go near it because it is a dangerous dog. Hannah

You can tell how a dog is feeling by the way it looks. If it is happy it will usually pant. Rosie

Cats can play in a cat run because they are good at climbing over tall fences and trees. Niamh

A dog needs a high fence to keep it in the yard or it might go into someone elses backyard. Zac

I learnt that dogs need exercise. Sophie

I know how to approach a dog safely. First walk up slowly and stop. Then ask the owner if you can pat the dog. Put your fist out with your thumb tucked in so the dog can smell you. Then you can pat the dog on its back. Aly

If you see an angry dog you stop and look down, arms by your side and then walk backwards away from the dog. Siena

Do not touch a dog when it is scared. Alexa

If you see a dog outside without its owner do not touch it. Chantelle

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