Homework week 9


Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in Homework | Posted on March 24, 2014

Hi everyone,

Here are your LSCWC words for week 9. Remember that you can do other activities as well as your spelling words. Here are some ideas:

1.Type words on the computer using different fonts, sizes and colours.
2.Draw a picture and ‘hide’ the spelling wordsin the picture.
3.As you spell your words aloud, bounce a ball for each letter in a word.

Can you think of another activitiy that you can do with your spelling words? Feel free to make a comment and share your ideas!

Set 1

glad, glass, glow, glue, globe, gate, got, get, gel, gem

Set 2

glitter, glasses, gloves, glide, glossy, globe, gloat, gloomy, glory, glue


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