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Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in maths | Posted on February 26, 2014

Hi everyone,

In maths we have been looking at different patterns and how patterns work. We created some of our own patterns with tools we could find in the classroom. Here are some of the ones we created:

Patterns can be found everywhere! See if you can find some patterns around home, outside, or anywhere else you might go during the week. It would be great to see where you find patterns so please share a comment!

Miss Buerckner

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Hi this is Mia from seniors,
I was amazed by so many patens you made and they were all so beautiful.
I love itr how you are working with maths equitment while doing some decrotive art.
Keep on your great learning!

hope you keep on blogging!

we love patterns because they are everywhere.

There are both God made patterns in nature and the ones people have made.

Which of these do you think people have made?

Look at the brick wall
roof tiles or tin rooves
waves on the water
a picture of honeycomb
patterns in carpet
leaves on a tree
knitted jumpers
patterns on the soles of your shoes
petals on a flower
the grain in timber
your finger print
the scales on a fish

great work looking at patterns

Dear Juniors,

I really enjoyed your patterns and I loved what James’ Dad noticed. I also love the patterns on a shell, the striped patterns on a zebra, the patterns the waves make on the sand and the pattern of a rainbow because sometimes you see a double rainbow! Great Maths, Juniors!

Mrs Yore

Hi Junior B and Miss Buerckner,
I’m Amber from Senior G and I was looking at your blog and was amazed by the work of you guys! I like all of your patterns and I was looking and found the 3rd from last pattern very interesting. The pattern was:
Can you Juniors continue this pattern?
A,G,H,T,Y,A,G,H _ _ _ _ _ _?
Miss Buerckner do you know this pattern? 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34?
Keep up the good work Juniors!!!
From Amber

everyone’s patterns look great. I had lots of fun making min. By.

From Aly. :]

Hi Junior B,
You definitely have people talking about patterns and I am glad I could work out Amber’s number patterns.
Have you got some patterns for us to work out?

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