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Hi everyone,

Today we began our new inquiry topic for the term which is all about our bodies and how our bodies work. This afternoon we had a very special visitor who took us on a journey through the body.

We explored the brain and neurons, the lungs and oxygen, our blood cells, and our stomach. We had lots of fun dressing up as parts inside the body. Enjoy our pictures.

Please comment about your favourite part of the day or something interesting that you learnt about the body. Hope you all had lots of fun.

Miss Buerckner


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Today was very fun. I loved being a stomach muscle.

Looks like an interesting Incursion! I see nerves, intestines, red and white blood cells, are there some scary germs as well????? Biology and learning about how the body works was one of my favourite subjects at secondary school. I’ll look forward to seeing your findings Middles. Enjoy the topic and make sure you keep your body healthy by eating fresh fruit and vegies and doing some exercise every day.
Mrs Bellesini 🙂

Dear Junior B…I saw you all dressed up today, learning about how the body works. I know the stories and dress ups will help you remember all about the body! Have fun!

Mrs Yore

Hi Junior B

Your blog looks great. Thanks for sharing your work.


Dear Junior B,
My name is Madeline and I’m in Senior MY. It looks like you had lots of fun! What did you learn? I’m sure you learnt a lot! I think you all look great in those costumes! I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sure you did!

I hope you learn so much more this term and even more this year! I hope you enjoy it!

From Madeline

Hi junior B
it was really fun being a red blood cell. I hope the rest of school is fun. from Hamish

I loved learning about the inside our bodies, I’ve really enjoyed this inquiry.

Hi Junior B my name is Jamie and my class is Senior MY. It looks like you had a great time learning about how our bodies work and it seems that you had a fun time. Did you learn anything new? You all looked wonderful in your costumes. Keep learning.

From Jamie.

I love learning about the bodies systems. After we learn about the eyes, what are we going to learn next?

Hi everyone,
I thought that the body parts were very interesting and Bazar was very unhealthy. By.

From Aly. :]

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