LSCWC Homework week 3


Posted by Junior Teachers | Posted in Homework | Posted on February 11, 2014

Hi everyone.

Here are your homework spelling words for week 3.

set 1

rub, tub, cub, jab, rib, web, mob, bring, broom, sob

set 2

block, blanket, blend, blossom, blood, blister, blow, rubbish, rabbit, rubber

Remember to write your words every night and bring your book back on Friday. If you think your words are too hard or too easy please come and talk to me during class or leave a comment and I will be happy to change it up for you.

Miss Buerckner

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Hi junior b
I like all of your self portrait’s also your patterns too.
I wonder what we are going to do this week ?

Hi Junior b,
I thought that the Valentines cards look great and we
did a really great job on them.

From Aly. :]

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